Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Adventures of Aaron

For the last 6 months, Aaron has been fascinated more than ever with electronics and making things and taking things apart. For as long as I can remember, he was always the kid who took apart the toys instead of playing with them. I was so happy when HE finally figured out how to put things back together and make them work again. My Dad is an engineer and our last 2 visits to him have taught Aaron a lot of new, fun things including learning to solder. We've added a "work table" to his room and he has all kinds of parts, tools and supplies. He even made me a great ipod video stand for watching video podcasts at work. He also recently put together an auto door opener/closer for his room. Too funny.

Another new venture of his is starting his own blog. It's at I am really excited that he is taking an interesting in technology and a blog is a GREAT way for anyone to express themselves about whatever they are passionate about. And at 12 years old, it's not too early to get started! He is interested in making money and we've put some Google Ad Sense ads on there and he's also going to start doing more videos. There is one on there where he demonstrates how to take apart a 9volt battery to get to the AA like ones inside. If you listen to what the SAYS, it's hilarious.

Recently, one of our favorite podcasters Dawn and Drew started a video contest where you film yourselves finding someone or something dead. This is a for Halloween of course and as soon as I heard about it, I knew Aaron and I had to do one. Watch the video here. I did finally also get our wedding video up, it's here.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I realized I couldn't blog until I posted the promised update about the wedding. So, I'm going to buckle down on this cloudy almost rainy day and "just do it". First, all the pics are here.

We picked the Oregon Coast for our wedding spot because it was the first place we ever went to together and neither of us had been before. We had a great weekend in 2001 and an even better one in 2007 for our wedding over Labor Day.

We arranged for Aaron to fly to his Dad's for the long weekend and Jeff went to Aunt Paula's since his Mom was going to McCall. Dave and I flew out of Boise Friday morning at 7am and landed in Portland where we rented a Volvo SUV with navigation. It was great, we got to test out the system and see what we liked, didn't like and things to look for on the one that comes with the MDX that Dave wants to buy.

We found Nelscott Manor in Lincoln City and got checked in and found our room very lovely with silk rose petals scattered around the jetted tub (with huge window to the beach) and the bed which also included two nice fluffy robes.

Saturday morning we set out to get ready for the wedding. First we picked up Dave's pressed clothes, then the flowers and then down to Newport where I got my hair done. Then onto the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse where Mary Crook met us with her nephew who we had arranged ahead of time to take pictures for us. I had also borrowed another camera and a nice girl that was working at the lighthouse did the video for us. I brought the items for the sand ceremony which we did. The sand looked cool when we put it in, but unfortunately by the time we got home, it was all mixed up. I guess it's just a metaphor for our lives being now so integrated there's no separation.

After the wedding and taking some pictures on the beach we went to the drug store where we took a picture off the camera and printed copies to mail with our announcements. I mailed them on Saturday the 1st but they didn't make it to anyone's mailboxes until Thursday of the next week, but it was still fun to send from there.

For our wedding night dinner, I had made reservations at The Bay House which is a lovely restaurant in Lincoln City famous for it's extensive wine collection. It was the most expensive dinner I've ever had, but a wonderful 2 hour long experience. We had a great table with decorations and a corner window view. For dessert, they brought a special "double" creme brulee with port which is my favorite.

On Sunday we went back to the Spanish Head Inn where we stayed the first time and had a wonderful buffet brunch in the restaurant on the top floor where the view is breathtaking. We didn't drink as much or stay as long as we did the first time (that was quite the story) but we did eat a lot of great food. That night we went to a restaurant that we remembered being wonderful in 2001 but had horrible service and ended up leaving. So we drove south to Depoe Bay and ended up eating in the noisy but wonderful Sea Hag. Dave had a huge crab and was quite happy.

After we checked out, we headed north to Tillamook where we went to the cheese factory and sampled cheese and had their delicious (Dave's favorite) ice cream. Then we used the navigation to find the nearest Fry's where we checked out TV's and home theater stuff and then onto the Portland airport and then home.

Everyone has asked to see my ring, but we didn't change it, it's the same as it was. Dave did get a cool ring made of titanium with a ring of Mokume. Here are our rings.

We had a great weekend of eating out, site seeing and just relaxing. It was wonderful and I am so happy to be Mrs. Dave Williams :)