Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fun Places

This past Saturday, we drove up to McCall for the annual Winter Carnival. We took the girls and stopped in Cascade for breakfast. Our order got behind a large parties, and it ended up taking over an hour to get our meal so when we arrived in McCall we were stopped on Highway 55 near a church, for quite some time. We parked and were waiting and then noticed emergency vehicles just ahead of us. Then people in front of us started turning around. We waited until we were at the front of what was the line, only to find a major accident. We saw them put someone (I found out later it was a little boy) in an ambulance. As we turned around to take the detour past the Activity Barn, we saw the St. Al's life flight heading to Boise. As we drove past the tubing place, we remembered going sledding there years before with Aaron and Matt. I rode the little dish down a hill and got the wind knocked out me so hard I couldn't breathe. Both Matt and Dave came running and we've all laughed about my daredevil stunt since.

We read in the paper Sunday on that there were no casualties in what looked to be a very bad multi-car accident. We ended up getting to the carnival much later than we had hoped, but grateful we were not involved in the accident as we were only a few seconds behind it and that would have really messed up our day, and possibly our lives.

We had a nice day walking around with the girls in their stroller, with most passerby's oohing and aahing and wondering why a big guy like Dave would be pushing a pink stroller. They only had to look a little closer to see our beautiful doggies and realize why he was so proud.

We walked out onto the lake and I ran the girls in the snow. It took a lot of energy and by the time we walked back to the truck, they both slept soundly the entire way home and even all night Saturday without their usual waking to go outside several times in the night.

Tomorrow we leave for the Oregon coast and can hardly wait. Strangely, there is no cell service which means I won't have internet, email or phone. That's not necessarily a bad thing for me, just different. I am typically glued to the internet and blackberry 24/7.

This past week, I've been catching up on podcasts which is fun, but always leads me to more time consuming things. I've discovered Twitter, Geni, Normal Room and Joost (still waiting for in invite!). I've been keeping up with all these as well as my usual visits to MySpace, FaceBook, Google Reader and recording the latest episode of the Mind and Body Cast on Tea.

I'll be unplugged the rest of this week, but back online, absorbing info like crazy next week! I leave you with the thoughts of being grateful for getting delayed, because you may be glad you missed something else.

Monday, January 22, 2007


So, I am starting my 4th week of "commitments" and really expecting to see some results. So far, I've been sore, hungry, tired and have only lost 2 pounds :( I remember from doing the WW thing before that it does take a while to see results, but I was at least dropping weight each week. This time I've added the fitness component and thought for sure it would be coming off quicker. I still want to eat bad things, want to eat way more than I should and think I'm starving in the night when I get up to let the dogs out.

This weekend is the McCall Winter Carnival and we are planning on going up for the day. There's lots to see with all the ice sculptures and other things going on around town, but I just really want to take a drive and get away from the house for a day. We'll take the girls and eat out and it should be a lot of fun.

On the 31st, we leave for the Oregon Coast. I wish the trip was longer, but it's all we could both spare from work. I've been watching the weather for Newport, which is the closest large town to where we are staying. So far, it looks about as cold there as it has been here :(

I finally got a new coat, it was a present to myself for quitting smoking. My other coat was old and stank like smoke. I had ordered one from Victoria's Secret, but of course it didn't fit. I used to order from them all the time and loved their clothes. Now that I'm obese and in my 30's I guess their stuff just doesn't fit anymore. Out of $400 worth of stuff I bought (all of clearance, so that was a LOT of stuff) I was only able to keep the underwear and 2 shirts. One other shirt was ok, but the color was gross. So, the coat went back and off to Burlington Coat Factory I went this weekend. I actually got 2 coats for less than I paid for the 1 from VS. I got a nice pink wool coast for my work coat replacement and also got a very cute leather jacket. I've never had one before and this was too cute to pass up. It was also kind of a reward for my hard work so far. Hopefully I will actually accomplish something worth rewarding!

I've been keeping at my points each day, staying away from soda, caffeine and cigarettes and working out 4 times a week and taking all my supplements, so I'm doing everything I should be, just anxious for results.

I just finished reading Sharon Osbourne's autobiography Extreme and it was sure good! I've always been an Ozzy fan and sure enjoyed when the Osbourne's reality show was on and even watched Sharon's talk show when it was on, but the book was an amazing insight to her life and her story.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I knew I'd forget something when I posted the other day and it was the BIGGEST thing going on this week. CES is the annual Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas. It's geek heaven. So, I've been glued to the RSS Feeds and Podcasts even more than usual, if that's possible. All the latest gadgets and toys are being released. It makes you want to get rid of everything you have and buy all new. Too bad a working girls salary can't afford that :(

So a big thanks to the following Podcasters for doing such great coverage for those of us who can't be there:

Cali from Geekbrief.tv
Molly, Veronica and Tom from Buzz Out Loud
Andy & Sean from Labrats.tv
Patrick & Robert from DL.TV

To always keep track of what I'm reading and interested in, check out my "Google Reader Starred Items" web page. Each day I read through hundreds of articles on the Google Reader from RSS feeds that I've subscribed to. The ones I "star" are extra cool :)

I also wanted to explain more about the Youngevity products and why I'm taking them. I realized I listed what I was taking, but didn't share what I was trying to fix. So here goes. For as long as I can remember, I've had heavy painful periods. So, I've always been on the pill, even though I don't need to be for birth control reasons. So here I am last year at 35 and realizing I should get off the pill. I tried and it was unbearable. I went to see my OB/GYN and she just recommended a different form of chemicals in my body to help ease my discomfort. So, I sought out a more natural doctor that my friend Bobbi recommended. I really liked her and she got me on some supplements and after my 2nd visit to her I decided to stop taking the anti-depressants that I'd been on for 5+ years also. She explained to me, I was most likely suffering from Adrenal Fatigue / Estrogen Dominance from years of running at full blast and being stressed out. The fact that I'd taken bc pills for 20 years wasn't helping my liver be able to make the right mixture of hormones either. The fact that I'd been drinking almost daily for the past 4 years certainly didn't help my liver either.

So, in the Fall of 2006, I went off the pill, started taking Rosemary and Raspberry oil, some new vitamins and Progesterone cream. By October, I went off the Zoloft. It was a bad month. I was tired, irritable, having night sweats, headaches and was gaining weight like crazy. She had also tested my thyroid and it was borderline which I had always suspected and my regular doctor hadn't listened to. So I also started taking Iodide to help that. November was a much better month and I continue to feel better.

One of the major down sides of being on the Zoloft is that it killed my libido. I've been taking Maca Root for almost 3 months now and just started the Nuo cream from Youngevity in an effort to return things to normal.

So, the Youngevity products are just adding to what I'm already doing but I'm hoping having all the right vitamins and minerals will allow me to finally drop all this extra weight I've put on over the past few years and help control the carb cravings that I typically have when I diet. I really like the Weight Watchers program and lost 20 pounds in late 2005 when I followed it.

I'm up to 3.5 lbs lost the first week and need to weigh in again today. The yoga class Monday night kicked my butt and the circuit training Tuesday that I did with the instructor was equally as vigorous and left me sore. So I took Wednesday off and am going back today all charged and rested up to work again. Hopefully, the worst of the having sore muscles is over.

I finally heard from Aaron late Tuesday night. He had been in school for 2 days and said it was "so-so". Not much news, but at least he did call. I called him yesterday after school but he didn't have much to say. I sure do miss him and want to see him face to face and really catch up. Hopefully, over spring break.

I also, FINALLY had my last cigarette this morning. I've been down to 3 a day (not at work) since New Year's and vowed to quit when I finished my last pack which was this morning. The hardest habit was smoking at work and I've already beaten that, so the rest should come easier. I've quit several times and it seems that I got about 6 months and start again. If I really am committed to being healthy (and not stinky) I need to quit for good.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A Week Later

Wow, I just realized another week has gone by. I've meant to post almost every day since the last and either I ran out of time or just thought I would keep saving my thoughts for a longer post. Now watch, I won't remember half of what I was thinking I wanted to mention.

First, Aaron started school yesterday. I called him and left a message on his cell phone before school and then his Dad called me to let me know he had dropped him off and everything was a go. Still waiting to here how things are going as I've not talked to him since last Friday. And then he was at a clinic waiting to get a Hep B shot that the state of NV requires for entrance into the school system. I sure do miss him and wish he was calling. I'm trying to give him some time to adjust but it sure is hard to not know what is going on with him from day to day after being so wrapped up in his world for all these years.

Second, I'm up to 3.5 lbs lost now and am doing well. I came in at or under points each day last week and went to the gym all the days it was open. Last night I went to the Yoga / Pilates class and really enjoyed it. Tonight is the circuit training class that is also on Thursday nights. I had originally intended to workout in the mornings, but if I can do the 3 classes after work and not struggle to get to work on time, I'll do it.

Lastly, I finally ordered and received the Youngevity products I ordered. I've been listening to the Dead Doctor's Don't Lie podcast by Dr. Joel Wallach since I heard Trucker Tom mention the show months ago. Since then, I've been making notes on the different products I'd be interested in and I thought would help me with my various issues. With started the weight loss program after the first, I knew it was time to order. I really needed help losing the carbs and getting rid of the cravings. I'm happy to say, that less than a week into taking the products, I'm almost having to force myself to eat as I'm not hungry and definitely not craving anything. I'm actually hungry when I eat.

Here's what I ordered:

Feret Fat Pak
Women's FX
Slender FX
Women's Hormonal

So, I'm taking all that plus all the other vitamins and minerals and things that I normally take. I sure take a lot of stuff, but it's all natural and I feel good.

The girls are doing well despite missing Aaron and I'm thrilled that Heather is going to be able to watch them while Dave and I are in Oregon. If only I can get them all groomed and in good behavior before they go visit :)

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


It's the 3rd so I figured I'd better update with my progress on my New Year's Commitments. So far so good. I got signed up at the gym last night and went for my first workout this morning. I'm planning on trying out the Hydro Massage table tonight after work.

I technically didn't start WW until the 2nd since the 1st was a holiday and I was home grooming the dogs, watching TV and eating whatever I wanted. So I guess I've only been going a day, but I feel like I'm off to a good start. I was under points yesterday and went grocery shopping today at lunch to be sure my house and work are stocked with good food.

I even checked in with my commitment "buddy" Deanna today with what I did yesterday. I'm hoping having to be accountable to someone will really help.

Dave and I are headed to the Oregon Coast at the end of the month and I'm really looking forward to the trip. We'll be staying at his Dad's brothers' place and from the website, it looks really nice. The only thing I'm skeptical about is the internet/blackberry coverage. What would I possibly do without connection to the internet world for 4 days? I'm not sure, but I guess I wouldn't die as long as I had my Ipod :)

I talked with Aaron yesterday, he's still on Christmas break and his Dad was back at work so he's hanging out at the apartment by himself during the day. He sounded down, but assured me he was fine. I guess they are going to move into a 2 bedroom apartment and get Aaron his own bed, dresser and TV.

Another slow day at work. People are here, but I guess they're computers are running well, because they're not calling. Which is a good thing :)